Build your kind of a healthy workplace

plugH Portal Features

plugH Portal is a platform for organizations to access and resource themselves with the knowledge
and ready to use content to craft a superlative employee experience.


What’s measured Improves.
Choose and schedule a Survey to benchmark & measure a wide variety of wellbeing indicators.  Surveys for all dimensions of wellbeing for target audiences. Could be named or anonymous.


Dipstick Polls are a great way to insight
Choose & schedule from hundreds of carefully crafted Polls to get the pulse of what’s on the minds of people. Graphic Reports available on the dashboard.


Resources to make you resourceful.
Download ready to use “Do-It-Yourself Toolkits” for implementing initiatives with your team to craft a superlative employee experience.

Health Promotion Campaign

Successful campaigns are those which change behaviors.
Select from hundreds of ready to use Health Promotion Campaigns which make your people, think, feel and more  importantly do.


employee assistance program

EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) – the dashboard
The portal captures the key metrics on your EAP subscription also giving you insight into your workplace and people.


What we read becomes a part of who we are.
We co-create newsletters for our clients to inform, capture employee voice and influence the conversation around wellbeing to make it holistic.


No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.
Our Partner Directory has a curated list of specialists across India to drive your initiatives. All partners are pre-assessed for readiness to service Corporates.


Employer Branding has never been more important than now.
Use resources on the portal to create a differentiated employee experience with readymade, editable creatives for you to use for your merchandise and other branding opportunities.

Bite size ideas

Often an idea is all that you need
Bite size Ideas for you to work on to build an employee experience unique to you and responsive to the realities of your workplace.  Ideas without action are after all useless.