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About plugH Academy

The world is more VUCA than ever before. Learning is the only way to keep up. And the learning must be along multiple dimensions.  And so, it must be about all aspects of wellbeing.

  1. Physical Wellbeing because our bodies are the only way to express ourselves
  2. Emotional Wellbeing because that’s what puts our energy into motion
  3. Occupational Wellbeing because that is how we derive meaning for ourselves at work.
  4. Social Wellbeing as we become more disconnected in a hyper connected world
  5. Financial Wellbeing because the means is as important as the end
  6. Spiritual Wellbeing, because at the end the question “Who am I?” must be answered

And for learning going back to classroom cannot be the only option. Keeping this in mind, at plugH we curate learning experiences to help people acquire new knowledge and deepen their skills.  These learning experiences range from structured regular courses to specially designed bespoke experiences. These are designed and conducted by experts from the field who apart from being senior faculty, are also mentors.

Our initiatives draw experience from ancient Indian wisdom and are powered by state-of-the-art contemporary human behaviour and expectations.


plugH Academy has structured courses tailored to specific organizational needs.
All course content is designed using deep expertise of the subject and focused on creating a real difference.

Knowledge and skills to become a workplace mental health first responder

Duration : 3 months

Interactive Workshops

plugH Academy - Interactive Workshops

Building behavioral skills in all dimensions of wellbeing through experiential methods

Duration : customized as per need

Train the Trainers

plugH Academy - Train the Trainers

Building capability to facilitate continuous learning at workplaces

Duration : customized as per need

Continuous Learning

In a world where the future is unknown what is important is to keep learning.
plugH Academy has Continuous Learning Programmes to leverage the power of small changes for a BIG results.

Large Group

plugH Academy - Continuous Learning Programmes - large group

Small Group

plugH Academy - Continuous Learning Programmes - small group
  1. Empathy Circle
  2. Rewiring for Resilience


plugH Academy - Continuous Learning Programmes - individual
  1. Leadership Coaching
  2. Counselling