Our Purpose 

To help workplaces become that place where individuals realize their infinite potential

The Challenge

  1. 65% of the workforce is looking for a change of job

2. 2 out of 3 Indian office worker wants a hybrid work model

3. Attrition at an all-time high of approximately 20-30% in the IT sector

4. New age employees are seeking innovation, work life balance and overall happiness

5. 36% people at the Indian workplace needs help with their mental health

6. 81% Indians say that their leaders do not trust them which impacts their productivity and wellbeing

The plugH Lens for Wellbeing

6 Dimensions of Wellbeing

Take all aspects of an employee’s life to achieve overall wellbeing.

3 Levels of Transformation

To power action at all levels – individual, group and organization.

3 Core Values

To be holistic, driven by expertise and produce an indelible impact.

plugH Way to Workplace Transformation

Every organization, every business has its own realities to deal with and nuances to care for. Transforming any workplace for us means a 4-step process beginning with a system study to discover or diagnose, followed by a customized design of a programme, turnkey delivery and continuous engagement to tune in and create an indelible impact.

plugH Yearbook 2021

2021 was a transformative year for plugH. The pandemic forced upon us to change and think innovatively about everything we did. We feel it is imperative to share this journey with the world, for workplaces to take inspiration from and respond to this mental health crisis which was looming upon us for many years and has now become real. 

The Team

Organizational Wellbeing

Dr. Rakesh Suri

Business Wellbeing

Raj Singh

Resource Wellbeing

Dr. Alka Suri

Technology Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

Anil Singhal

Commercial Wellbeing

Panel of advisors

Business Leader

Counseling Psychologist


Life Coach

Leadership Coach

Graphic Designers


Our Values


  • Use 6 dimensions of wellbeing,
  • Work @ 3 levels of organization
  • Pluralistic and integrative models of wellbeing


  • Synergy of expertise across multiple disciplines* and functions
  • Deep Professional expertise to create & implement initiatives


  • 4 step transformation process including a follow through after delivery (as a rule)

* Areas of expertise: Counselling, Yoga Psychology, Parenting, Substance Abuse, Yoga Therapy, POSH, Workplace Design & Sustainability, Therapeutic work with Individual, Group & Families, Diversity & Inclusion (LGBTQIAAA, Gender, Disability) etc.