Enabling positive transformation in individuals

The Employee Assistance Programme is much more than a 24/7 confidential, secure, short-term counselling service for employees of our client and their families. Along with our other allied services, it is a complete mental health solution.

plugH EAP promise

Our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a comprehensive package of support.

  • 24/7 Helpline – managed by trained counsellors for one-on-one counselling
  • plugH Hour – a generic or theme based live session, where our counsellor responds to mental health queries raised by the participants
  • Group sessions – facilitated by our counsellor – an on-demand service that promotes mental health through groupwork interventions
  • Community based mental health – Specialized campaigns and sessions for topical mental health issues- online and offline
  • Regular follow-up on our individual and group sessions
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plugH EAP Advantage

  • Inspired by our rich heritage of Indian wisdom in general and the Yoga Sutras in particular.
  • Topical and relevant mental health support which goes beyond the existent model based on western psychology. Our interventions are located in Indian contemporary society and culture.
  • Our counsellors are holistic and inclusive in their approach. They are trained to look beyond the clinical paradigm. They come with many years of experience with individuals and families in difficult situations, children, victims of violence, socially and economically challenged and the differently abled.
  •  It is about inspiring people to look inwards to recognize their strengths to heal themselves
  • Part of a comprehensive mental health practice
plugH Hour

Counselling positively impacts emotional wellbeing.

Our unique offering, the plugH Hour normalizes conversations on diverse and difficult subjects.

•   One-hour live session with experts responding to questions
•   Co-creating a psychologically safe environment
•   Complete anonymity assured for participants 
•   Addressing difficult, taboo and confidential subjects
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They can call our 24X7 EAP Helpline by dialing in a given number. Alternatively, they could also send us a message on WhatsApp for either a reply or call back at a certain time.

Our team of EAP counsellors consists of experienced counsellors with considerable life experience in counselling people.

Our counsellors are informed by Yoga Psychology in the work they do.

We will maintain call records and case documentation as per our formats. This information will be kept in confidence by us, and no personal identifying information will be shared with you or any representatives.

We will share a monthly call report and a detailed Annual report with analysis on issues commonly reported and any systemic concerns, without impacting client confidentiality. 

Our counsellors are professionals with several hundred hours of counselling experience. They undergo regular refresher trainings to update their knowledge and skills. Maintaining confidentiality is the first and most important aspect of professional counselling. We do not insist on callers revealing any detail which they are uncomfortable with, including the name of the organization they are calling from.

Yes, they can, if they don’t feel comfortable revealing their name.

We receive anonymous calls where the caller isn’t comfortable sharing their details with us; in such cases, we don’t insist but still provide help. There have been occasions when an employee’s family members have called up.

We ask the caller about the “name of their employer” for record purposes. We do not have the practice of taking employee id because a) we cannot be sure that the information is genuine b) the fact that it is not anonymous reduces the effectiveness of the service.

The EAP Counsellors are trained to deal with human behaviour and hence can handle blue-collared workers as well. Currently, we can provide counselling services in English, Hindi and Marathi languages however if you need Counsellors who speak in languages other than the ones specified, please inform our team as the service workflow will have to modify accordingly.

Yes, every call is followed by text check-ins.

Follow-up calls are done by the Counsellors in the following scenarios:

  1. If a client requests to speak to the same counsellor
  2. If a follow-up is required after the first conversation

We wait for the caller to call back and if they do not call back, the counsellor calls them.

Not always. If your company is signed up for the facility your employees can take an appointment with our Counsellor and schedule a one-on-one session with them either on a video call or in person.

We also conduct theme-based interventions based on the needs of our clients.

The EAP service is the first port of call for an employee seeking emotional relief of any kind. However, certain types of stressors may require referrals to external specialists or in-person therapy. These would include treatment of (a) psychiatric conditions, (b) financial mismanagement, (c) addiction problems, and (d) litigation issues. In such cases where the caller might need expert help on a continued basis over time our counsellors will guide them on taking the next step. However, it is up to the caller to act on the advice.

Counselling is effective; only when the individual who needs help takes the initiative to approach and work on what bothers them. So, instead of giving us any leads; it will be helpful if you talk to your employees and encourage them to seek help if you think they would benefit from it.


I now accept my mother totally. I am able to love her without any conditions. I feel relieved. Thank you so much for doing what you do. May God bless you!

– 45 year bachelor living with old mother

Thank you for confirming how I am dealing with my daughter as the right thing to do. This continuous doubt whether I was being right or not was eating me away.

– Parent of a teenage girl

I had an open conversation with my manager today and I was surprised with how open she was when I shared my feelings. Thank you for guiding me to have the courage to reach out.

– Early career professional