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About plugH Gurukul

We at plugH believe that workplace wellbeing is affected as much by our personal lives as by the workplace ambience.

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents who work outside of home is how to balance work and parenting when both require complete and dedicated attention. While there are no easy answers and parents must find the most effective way of giving their best to both these aspects, there are times when they could do with some expert help. 

To address these specific concerns of parents we present to you ‘plugH Gurukul, the parents ki paathshala’.

Through our live sessions we confer with experts in the various areas of parenting and get answers to questions and doubts that arise in the minds of parents. These interactive sessions seek solutions while providing a platform to connect with other parents with shared concerns.

In the past year we have had speakers who have addressed issues concerning parents of children from age 0 to 18 years. The topics they have addressed range from brain development of toddlers to nutrition of young children, from discipline to financial literacy, and from addressing working parents’ guilt to dealing with substance abuse. We have also had speakers who have helped us understand diversity and inclusion from a parent’s perspective and speakers who have helped us reconnect with our own childhood through learning about the benefits of storytelling.

plugH Gurukul Advantage

  • Live sessions with subject matter experts
  • Concerns of early childhood to late teens addressed
  • Difficult and taboo issues dealt with in a safe space
plugH Gurukul

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