plugH Hour

Hard Questions Real Answers

eap plugh hour

Co-creating psychological safety

•   One-hour live Q & A session with plugH experts 
•   Sessions combine Subject Matter Expertise with Counselling skills
•   Complete anonymity assured for participants
•   Addressing difficult, taboo and confidential subjects
•   Tailored to your organizational needs

"Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes." - Amy Edmondson 

plugH Hour – The Concept 

There is no ‘one dimension’ of wellbeing which is independent of others.

What people struggle with are complex issues, each affecting the other. These range from trying to achieve work targets to work life balance, from managing oneself to managing teams, from managing parents to managing kids, from interpersonal struggles at work to those at home. plugH hour is a powerful initiative which takes an all-encompassing view of life to address these in a manner that participants achieve a permanent shift in their outlook. 

Our plugH hours are carefully curated to address these obstacles. Consistent & high participation in plugH Hour at our client workplaces stand testimony to its effectiveness.


Thank you, plugH Team, for supporting us through your professional guidance and expert counselling during these unprecedented times, when employee wellbeing becomes one of the most critical factors, as we navigate through the current situation with solid teamwork in place under the astute leadership of the Saurer Group!

– Vikas Sharan, Managing Director, Saurer Textile Solutions

I have never been the bold types to ask questions, let alone a counsellor. This is an appealing concept. The topic discussed was so relevant that sometimes I feel I was asking the questions. I also like the modus operandi of a Q&A…. makes it sound real. Thank You HR for this service. I so look forward to the plugH hours. I know its safe so maybe someday I will pop a question! 

– Anonymous plugH Hour participant