Healthy workplaces

A healthy workplace is one where workers and managers collaborate to continually improve the health, safety and wellbeing of all workers and by doing this, sustain the productivity of the business (WHO, 2009).
In order to build healthy, happy and harmonious workplaces, it is important to address the challenges that employees may face. Every workplace has its own unique set of challenges, so individualized solutions can make all the difference. By providing customized solutions to these challenges, the workplace can become a more productive and fulfilling environment for all involved. One of the common personal problems that employees may face is losing money due to gambling. It can be difficult to overcome the disappointment and frustration that comes with losing a significant amount of money. how to get over gambling loss one way is to provide resources and support to employees dealing with gambling losses can be an important step in creating a healthy and harmonious work environment. Ultimately, by investing in employee well-being both on and off the job, a company can create a caring culture that fosters growth and success for all involved.
Healthy Workplace

Why Healthy workplaces?

Organizations as actors in the public health system, have the onus to make important contributions to the health of the population through activities that are specifically directed towards health concerns.

Lack of awareness about the importance of wellbeing in the employee experience in your organization is arguably the most significant risk to a strong employer brand.

Six Dimensions of Wellbeing

Individual wellbeing is a complex phenomenon because it involves every little action (karma) that human beings perform in their lives. All actions whether at work or away from work have a bearing on one another. Therefore, at plugH we advocate taking a holistic look at all aspects of an employee’s life to achieve holistic wellbeing.


Physical Wellbeing – Being able to manage one’s body through healthy eating, exercising and appropriate sleep and rest

Emotional Wellbeing – Being aware of one’s thoughts and feelings and manage one’s behaviour

Social Wellbeing – Having positive, meaningful relationships and connections

Occupational Wellbeing – Being able to get a sense of fulfillment with the work one does

Financial Wellbeing – Being able to earn, spend, save and invest for a comfortable today and tomorrow

Spiritual Wellbeing – Having appreciation for ethics and values in sync with the universal order

Transforming Workplaces

Working at 3 levels

Creating a culture of health and wellbeing needs action at all levels – individual, groups / teams / projects, organization.

Group / Team / Project
Organization / Business Unit

4 step process for transformation

The process of transformation goes through 4 steps – Diagnosis / Discovery, design of initiatives, disciplined delivery followed by a feedback mechanism to drive change on a consistent basis

Transforming Workplaces

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plugH Circle 

plugH Circle

plugH Circle is exactly what the name suggests.

plugH is meant for plugging in health, happiness and harmony into the workplace. plugH Circle is a “circle of influencers” who catalyze the plugging of health, happiness and harmony into the workplace with their expertise and wisdom gained through years of experience managing the culture of workplaces.